Dorman Projects hit 30Mwatt Milestone in Solar

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Starting in 2014 our rise has been fast and furious. With many firsts, trends and barriers broken we pioneered many obstacles. In 2014 our greatest asset was speed and hard work, that was achieved by changing methods, equipment and tooling. 100kW was a months work back then. Today we pack that in a day.

When we packed the 1MWatt Solar Frontier in less than 2 months installation time and cost had a new thought process and radically reduced solar costs. Labour may have made up 20 to 30% of the cost - today it less than 10%. We certainly led the field for many years. Soon the 4.24Mw Mall of Carnival followed in under 15 weeks for Romano. For a long time it was largest rooftop plant in SA.

We moved to Solar Edge in 2017 setting up the largest Solar Edge Plant in Africa 1.5Mw in 2018. Our 10th 1 Megg Plant was a ground mount at PE International airport for Brand Engineering under PIA solar. Very few can boast actually physically building 10 x1 MW size plants built in C@I space - most use sub contractors. The experience gained puts us at the forefront of the industry and we are able to contribute to our other EPC partners.


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