Client Case Study

The Smile 5s have proven itself over a 6 month trial site. That client reports a 90% saving. The client also reported app issues but overall the first life battery unit is really brilliant for both backup but ultimately...Long term energy solution.

They now on the residential roll-out programme for Dorman Projects. Like Solaredge, Victron, Tesla and Goodwe we are so confident they perform we offer a full buy back option. 100% confidence!

The ease of installation , meter programming and clean look is an advantage. The built in isolation on PV, battery and AC is excellent with proper control gear. Something installers either omit or forget to provide at residential level.

The back entry and method of entry added with the weight is a design issue. Perhaps a swing pivot would be better. The inverter weighs plenty so be ready to rig a support. With our partner supplier we have a product that for 10.2kw of first life battery is affordable, efficient and can be retrofitted to any residential solar system.


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